Mayer's therapy is now available for our patients. "Skhidnytsia Medical Center - high-quality and modern medicine!

9.18.2021 0

Detox course of cleansing the body without the use of drugs with a noticeable therapeutic effect. The action of therapy is aimed at restoring the proper functioning of the digestive system, normalization of metabolism and activation of important bioprocesses. After therapy, patients improve their well-being and mood, skin and hair condition, appetite and digestion, change lifestyle and habits, undergo many chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, musculoskeletal system, nervous system and more. After undergoing Dr. Mayer's therapy, there are significant changes in the body. It is possible to completely reboot and restore the work of the intestines and digestive system. Detoxification of the body, restoration of the balance of microelements, improvement of metabolism - the results of daily tests testify to the effectiveness. Rejuvenation, weight loss, improvement of skin and hair, positive psycho-emotional state - the usual result of therapy. The quality and efficiency of the digestive process increases. Energy is restored and productivity increases. Lifestyle is changing. Useful habits are developed.