Oxy Geneo+ procedure in Skhidnytsia

12.28.2021 0

Oxy Geneo + procedure is rightfully called the best non-injection method of skin rejuvenation. Innovative care gives only positive feelings, tightening the skin and returning it a healthy glow. No more pain. Youth and beauty is provided by a unique method of ultrasonic action on the deep layers of the skin.

The triple effect of the Oxygeneo + procedure

For those who first hear about ultrasound lifting, it will be interesting to learn about Oxygeno, what kind of procedure it is and what is its uniqueness.
For the first time the masses heard about the complex procedure Oxygeneo + in 2014, when it won the nomination "Best skin care procedure" and received the prestigious Prix de Beauté award. The essence of the technique comes down to the use of natural processes of the body.
Geneo+ procedure simultaneously performs three functions:

  • exfoliates the dead stratum corneum
  • starts oxygen processes in the subcutaneous layer.
  • promotes the penetration of nutrients into the cells;
    The procedure consists in oxygen saturation of subcutaneous tissues. The action of the device provides oxygen to the right places. The so-called Bohr effect starts the body's natural processes and increases their efficiency.