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Today, quite a large number of men suffer from serious urological diseases. The main problem is not only the belief that "it will pass by itself", but also an unqualified approach to their health. We suggest changing the approach to your own health. To do this, we recommend to study urological diseases and symptoms of pathologies of the genitourinary system, as well as to consult a urologist in time in case of their detection! Some patients try to treat themselves, which is extremely wrong, others are looking for methods on the Internet, and come to the urologist already "prepared", trying to explain their own symptoms in the terms they have seen. In fact, if you visit a specialist, you need to talk about your problems directly and without harassment, explaining the situation to the smallest detail. But it also does not hurt to know the correct designation of urological terms. At least in order to understand the doctor when he explains the essence of the disease.

  • pain in the lower abdomen, especially aggravated by cooling;
  • changes in sexual function;
  • unusual discharge from the genitals;
  • trauma to the penis;
  • itching, burning in the genital area;
  • the appearance of ulcers or warts on the genitals;
  • erectile dysfunction in men;
  • decreased potency and / or accelerated, premature ejaculation;
  • change in the number and type of sperm;
  • infertility;
  • difficult or rapid urination.

Specialists of the Medical Center - Skhidnytsia recommend not to make independent decisions, as well as not to attempt treatment at home without a doctor's examination and diagnosis!