Ophthalmology at the Skhidnytsia Medical Center

10.21.2021 0

Ophthalmology deals with the diagnosis of the visual system, detection, treatment and prevention of eye diseases and eye pathologies. Excellent eyesight and the absence of any complaints about eye problems does not mean that the visual system is completely healthy - many ophthalmic diseases are asymptomatic. Do not delay your visit to the ophthalmologist, the best way to protect yourself from possible vision problems is regular prevention.

There are many symptoms that seem insignificant, but when they appear, it is recommended to visit an ophthalmologist:

  • eye fatigue;
  • redness of the eyes;
  • burning and itching of the eyes;
  • inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eyes;
  • tearing of the eyes;
  • purulent discharge from the eyes;
  • decreased visual acuity;
  • the feeling of a foreign body;
  • pain in the eyes, forehead and temples;
  • iridescent spots, flies in front of the eyes;
  • temporary color perception disorder;
  • photophobia or increased irritation from light.

In some cases, the ophthalmologist of our clinic may refer the patient for an additional examination by a doctor of another specialization, for example, a cardiologist in case of hypertensive retinopathy. After examining the patient, based on all the data obtained, the doctor makes a diagnosis, plans a future treatment regimen and answers all the patient's questions in detail.