Medical programs of treatment, rehabilitation and recovery. Urology and gynecology

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"One of the basic human needs is the need for attachment, creating partnerships and enjoyment with another person and satisfaction of sexual desire! Why does a young man without concomitant pathology begin to lose interest in sexual intercourse and experience anxiety and difficulties in relationships with his sexual partner? Perhaps the reason is a disorder of low sex drive.

Decreased sex drive in women after childbirth is one of the most common reasons for couples to seek help from our specialists. The problem should be solved only with a specialist.

"Specialists of the medical center will help to establish the true cause of erectile dysfunction or decreased libido, urinary system problems, prescribe effective drug and hardware therapy to return pleasure and quality of life!


  • Pre- and menopause diagnostics, correction
  • Incontinence of urine, stool, decreased muscle tone
  • Program "to increase libido in women"
  • Rehabilitation of the urinary system
  • A program to restore and improve the quality of sexual life