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The correct level of minerals, heavy metals and oxidants in the human body is essential for health. The advanced OligoScan technology detects both beneficial trace elements and harmful toxic substances in tissues. OligoScan is a simple and fast testing method that can be used anywhere in the world. The technology is a screening tool for checking the level of harmful and vital substances in tissues. The information obtained as a result of the study is an effective preventive measure and allows specialists to identify the problem in time and prescribe appropriate therapy.


The certified OligoScan technology is based on the principle of spectrophotometry, which is used in medicine to examine blood and tissues. Each type of compound, based on chemicals and minerals, absorbs, emits or reflects light (electromagnetic radiation) in a specific wavelength range. Thus, it became possible to obtain information about the chemical composition of muscles and bones. This has a positive impact on the accuracy of diagnosis, distinguishing OligoScan from traditional medical laboratory tests. It is scientifically proven that OligoScan is an effective and reliable tool.


Accurate and fast screening of physiological imbalances helps to monitor health and track trace elements in the body. Professional assessment of the level of minerals, toxic metals and oxidants is carried out by scanning the skin on the palm of the hand with a portable spectrometer.

  • Minerals
  • Calculates the excess or deficiency of minerals.
  • Toxic metals
  • Determines the risk of toxic metal poisoning.
  • Oxidizers
  • They help to measure the level of oxidative stress, which causes many diseases and aging.


  • Accurate measurement of deficiency or excess of useful micro- and macroelements, oxidants and toxic metals.
  • Measurements are made using a portable spectrometer connected to a computer.
  • Comprehensive individual assessment of the patient: laboratory tests, nutrition, dietary supplements, physical activity.
  • Adaptation to the specific needs of the patient.
  • Non-invasive.
  • Painless.
  • Instant result.