Acupuncture for weight loss

10.26.2021 0

It's so easy and fast to gain a few extra pounds, and so hard and slow to lose them. An unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, environment and genetics are some of the factors that can lead to weight gain; so is an energy imbalance. And that's where acupuncture comes in. Thousands of years ago, the fundamental laws of electricity had not been discovered and, of course, devices that use electricity had not yet been invented, but the relationship between us and the vital energy that flows through nature and living things, gives life and meaning to all matter was already known. This vital energy flows through channels called meridians, and when these channels become blocked, imbalances occur. The holistic approach of the Skhidnytsia Medical Center is based on traditional Chinese medicine, which always seeks to get to the root of the problem rather than focusing only on treating symptoms. And being overweight is no exception. It is important to first determine what is behind the need to eat (anxiety, emotional emptiness, sadness, anger, fear) before proceeding to an acupuncture session. Of course, if you eat a diet rich in processed foods, fats, sugars, and carbonated beverages and lead a sedentary lifestyle, the benefits of acupuncture for weight loss will be severely limited. On the other hand, the method has proven to be highly effective as a supplement to a healthy diet and daily exercise.