What is facial cosmetology for?

10.22.2021 0

Professional cosmetology in Skhidnytsia has wide possibilities, so it is not necessary to go under the knife to remove wrinkles, correct facial contours and improve skin condition. All procedures are absolutely safe and effective in solving the problems they address:

  • enlarged pores;
  • comedones and sebum plugs;
  • acne;
  • Miliums;
  • decreased skin tone.
    Therapeutic and preventive procedures are not recommended only in certain situations, for example, in the presence of herpes or eczema or skin diseases in the acute stage.

Our experts know how to delay age-related changes and preserve your beauty and youthfulness for a long time. Depending on the indications, they will select the manipulations that are best suited to solve your current problems. For some, a classic or plastic massage will be enough, while others will be recommended a combined cleansing. We guarantee professional facial care using certified cosmetics for a quick and lasting effect. Treatment of aesthetic imperfections using modern techniques is not only convenient and comfortable, but also extremely affordable.