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Occupational diseases of IT specialists
  • Osteochondrosis is a common diagnosis made by the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) in a separate pathology of the spine. The diagnosis is so extensive that it can be given to every second person to explain the pain in the spine. Because of this, they try to specify it as much as possible.
  • Protrusion is a decrease in the height of the intervertebral discs and their protrusion beyond the vertebra.
  • Herniated discs are the final stage of protrusion with significant changes in the structure of the disc and prolapse of the disc or nucleus pulposus outside the disc and vertebrae.
  • Spondylitis and spondyloarthritis - inflammation of the intervertebral disc or disc and joints.
  • Spondyloarthrosis, osteoarthritis - chronic, long-term, mostly irreversible changes in the m / m disc and m / m joints with a tendency to fusion of m / m joints with each other.
  • Neuropathies, or in popular parlance "pinched nerve" - pain of varying intensity, spreading from the spine and spreading to the periphery, accompanied by numbness, "goosebumps". In this case, the nerve fiber is compressed (squeezed). The term "radicular syndrome" can also be used, but in this case it is more about irritation (touching) of the nerve rather than its compression, "pinching", or "sciatica" - when they mean inflammation of the nerve root.
  • Carpal (carpal) tunnel syndrome - inflammation and pain in the carpal tunnel joint.
  • Epicondylitis - inflammation and pain in the elbow joint, namely in the attachment points of the forearm muscles.
  • headache and migraine;
  • neurosis, agitation and panic attacks;
  • depression;
  • a nervous tic;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • burnout syndrome at the workplace, etc.
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Any profession is characterized by certain occupational or occupationally related diseases. Professions related to the use of technical means in IT technologies are no exception. "Computer" diseases, as well as the industry that caused their appearance, are still quite young and poorly studied. Thus, when using computers, the most at risk are the organs of vision, musculoskeletal system, reproductive function, central nervous system. In addition, computer users are affected by a whole range of factors of low intensity, the negative effect of which is manifested gradually and secretly. Therefore, diseases appear only after many months or even years of work, when it is extremely difficult to fight them.

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Health improvement of IT specialists

Working at the computer is physically easy, but can be exhausting in a psychological sense. Also, do not forget about the irregular working schedule of programmers: many of them work as freelancers and often do their work at night.

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