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Diseases of the kidneys and urinary system:
  • Chronic pyelonephritis;
  • Urolithiasis;
  • Chronic cystitis;
  • Salt diathesis.
Chronic diseases of the male reproductive system:
  • Chronic prostatitis;
  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia stage 1;
  • Chronic pelvic pain syndrome;
  • Erectile dysfunction.

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Urological diseases
Chronic diseases of the kidneys and urinary system:
- Chronic cystitis
- Urolithiasis
- Chronic pyelonephritis
- Salt diathesis
Chronic diseases of the male reproductive system:
- Chronic prostatitis
- Erectile dysfunction

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An integrated approach

Detailed diagnosis and treatment
Treatment of urological problems in our medical center begins with a detailed diagnosis - laboratory, functional, hardware techniques are prescribed. This allows you to get complete information about the client's health and choose the most effective procedures for recovery. Treatment of urological diseases includes traditional and non-traditional methods, physiotherapy procedures. High efficiency is shown by functional magnetic stimulation, focused shock wave therapy, ozokeritotherapy, mud wraps, leech treatment, ultraphonophoresis, LOD therapy, use of phytopreparations. At each stage, the patient can pass the tests, which allows you to track the dynamics, adjust the program in a timely manner and achieve maximum effect.
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We help men to restore the work of the genitourinary system, get rid of prostate diseases, prevent the development of possible complications and improve sexual function. For recovery we use LOD, LIPUS, focused and radial shock wave therapy. All procedures are performed by a urologist-andrologist and, if necessary, adjusts the treatment regimen, gives recommendations on nutritional methods, phytotherapy.


In our medical center you can be treated for chronic kidney disease, improve their functionality, prevent recurrence and complications. The use of the unique mineral waters of the Skhidnytsia deposit, Naftusya, allows to achieve a significant improvement in health. Water is selected for each patient, which has a complex effect on the body, normalizes the psychological state, provides cleansing, improves the functioning of internal organs. Complete diagnosis and a comprehensive approach to treatment can significantly improve the patient's condition and prolong the remission period.


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Pikush Volodymyr Vasyliovych
An integrated approach

Other areas


We use conventional and alternative techniques, massages, physical therapy in order to restore the functions of the spine and nervous system. Treatment is prescribed taking into account the patient's health condition, age, the presence of concomitant pathologies. We monitor the patient's condition at each stage of treatment. We provide recommendations on lifestyle after returning home.

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Weight loss detox

Integrated defecation and weight loss programs, which include individual menu preparation, consultation with a nutritionist and selection of physical exercises taking into account health condition of particular person. We control important indicators with the help of laboratory tests. We select herbal formulation and vitamin-mineral complexes. Weight loss is carried out under the supervision of therapeutist.

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Cosmetology and aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine

“Skhidnytsia Medical Center” offers a range of beauty and body care treatments. We help to lose weight safely and effectively, using detoxification technique, dietary guidelines and optimal physical exercises. Here you may recover skin condition - achieve rejuvenation, get rid of sagginess, wrinkles and cellulite.

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The medical center offers an integrated recovery to patients after suffering from various diseases. Our doctors create individual rehabilitation programs for adults and children who have undergone COVID, suffer from pathologies of the nervous, digestive, genitourinary, musculoskeletal system. Procedures are prescribed only after a detailed examination.

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Integrated programs for adults and children that will help strengthen the immune system and facilitate the course of chronic diseases. At “Skhidnytsia Medical Center” you will be able to undergo a full diagnosis of the body, take care of the improvement of digestive, sexual, nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

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