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When should you visit a rheumatologist?
  • - joint diseases (polyarthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, joint injuries), which are accompanied by appropriate symptoms;
  • - after a referral from another specialist who suspected rheumatological pathology during the examination;
  • - gout with signs of polyarthritis;
  • - pain in the lumbar spine of unknown cause;
  • - skin rash, especially on the face, dry skin, skin discoloration, itching, visible blood vessels on the skin, nodules;
  • - morning stiffness, starting pain when walking, increasing weakness in the lower extremities, decreased strength in the arms;
  • - frequent unreasonable dizziness, loss of consciousness, blurred vision, sand in the eyes, dizziness, etc;
  • - rheumatism, connective tissue dysplasia, vasculitis.
Areas of work of the rheumatologist of the medical center
  • - rheumatoid arthritis;
  • - reactive arthritis;
  • - osteoarthritis;
  • - systemic connective tissue diseases (systemic lupus erythematosus, systemic scleroderma, dermatomyositis, Sharp's syndrome);
  • - Gout;
  • - Bekhterev's disease (ankylosing spondylitis);
  • - Antiphospholipid syndrome;
  • - Osteoporosis;
  • - Amyloidosis.
  • Do not be afraid of the stereotypical opinion that joint disease is always a significant limitation of movement, lifestyle and disability. This is far from the case. The purpose of the medical center is to help the patient and choose an individual treatment regimen that will be optimal in your case.Be attentive to yourself and take care of your health.

Many years of clinical experience combined with modern laboratory diagnostics and instrumental research methods, allows us to diagnose rheumatological diseases in the early stages of development
Treatment in the sanatorium

At the first appointment, the specialist conducts a thorough examination and anamnesis and then issues a referral for the necessary examinations. It can be:

  • EKG;
  • Blood / urine tests.

Advantages of the medical center

1. Our medical center is equipped with the latest and modern equipment, reagents for complex and diverse tests and samples.

2. Our patients receive the results of the examination on the day of treatment, as well as a treatment plan with all preventive measures.

3. All patients can count on an individual approach, attitude, and most importantly on the high professionalism of our doctors and all medical staff.

Timely examination will allow, first of all, to avoid the development of serious pathologies such as hypertensive crisis, acute coronary syndrome, ischemic, hemorrhagic stroke, rheumatism, gout, destruction of cartilage tissue of joints.