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Special exercises for periarthritis of the shoulder joint are aimed at overcoming pain syndrome, increasing the mobility of the affected joint, improving the elasticity of the capsule, and promoting muscle strength. It is important to start doing exercises only after consulting a specialist.

Complex exercises will significantly improve the course of the disease, well-being and physical condition. After the course of physical therapy, the pain will disappear and the mobility of the arm will return.

Shoulder periarthritis. Professional prevention (PRO-PRO)


Shoulder periarthritis. Diagnosis (QAM)


Shoulder periarthritis. Treatment


Procedure Number Price total
Therapeutic physical training (PT) 3
General therapeutic massage 3
Carboxytherapy 5
Therapeutic bath + pearl massage + phytoconcentrate 3
Magnetic therapy 3
HiToP-therapy (biovitalization) 3
6 930.00
Procedure Number Price total
Ultrasound of shoulder joints 1
Oligoscan 1
General analysis of urine 1
Biochemistry (liver (ALT, AST, GGT, bilirubin, L-amylase, alkaline phosphatase, albumin), renal (urea, urine creatinine, creatinine), lipid profile (triglycerides, cholesterol, LDL, HDL, LDL), electrolytes (potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus), blood glucose) 1
Rheumatoid panel (C-reactive protein, rheumatoid factor, ASLO) 1
C-peptide 1
Antinuclear antibodies ANA 1
Anti-CCP (antibodies to cyclic citrulline peptide) 1
Vitamin D3 -25 - OH 1
Vertebrologist consultation 1
Consultation with a rehabilitation specialist 1
Consultation with a neurologist 1
Consultation of therapist 1
8 955.00
Procedure Number Price total
Shock wave therapy 3
Ultraphonophoresis (Dolobene-Zel T-Traumel) 3
Hirudotherapy (6 leeches) 1
Laser therapy 3
Carboxytherapy 5
Thecar therapy 3
HiToP therapy 3
Ozone therapy 5
Individual classes with a rehabilitation specialist 3
General therapeutic massage 2
Therapeutic bath + pearl massage + PM 2
11 500.00