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The condition causes strong emotions and nervous tension. Under the influence of the release of stress hormone, a psychological or physiological reaction occurs. The impact of chronic stress on the human body provokes problems, primarily related to the cardiovascular system. A unique anti-stress complex of procedures that restores the natural balance of the nervous system and improves sleep. As a result, irritability is reduced, sleep is improved (falling asleep is improved, the number of night awakenings is reduced). The level of anxiety decreases, increases stress resistance of the body.

Express diagnosis of depth of stress 3 days

3 days

Procedure Number Price total
Consultation of a psychotherapist + bioacoustic complex (diagnosis of the depth of stress and the level of recovery of the functional state of the CNS) 1
Accompaniment by a doctor according to the program
Oligoscan (non-invasive screening of micro-, microelements and heavy metals) 1
Consultation of neurologist-reflexologist 1
Consultation of thyroid specialist 1
Hypoxytherapy 1
Bioacoustic therapy 1
Individual sessions 40 min (+ diagnostic testing) 1
NiTor therapy general vitalization to improve vital functions and relieve stress (1 h) 1
The psychotherapist's consultation is final 1
4 900 UAH